You Are

Caleb Anderson, Matthew Kitsmiller, Andrew Perry, Mary Kate Work, Reid Work
© 2016 Brainerd Worship. All rights reserved.

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You are right to show your anger
You are just to judge my sin
But your mercy never failing
Restores me from within

God come, and lead, this rebel heart, searching in the dark
I wait, for you, in the ruin of my sin, your love drags me in

Sing and shout, no evil will I fear
A warrior who saves, you are
We declare, you are all we need
You alone are king, you are

You've no cause to save the wicked
You are jealous for your name
God, your power overwhelms me
As You rescue me from shame

Take this life, Lord sustain us, We give it all to you
Take this heart, give it freedom You are making all things new
All the praise and adoration
Belongs to you Jesus only you  
Belongs to You Jesus only You